Brite Precision offers precision manufacturing services using state-of-the-art equipment, including 3-axis and 5-axis CNC machining, CNC turning and CNC wire erosion. Our staff have extensive experience with a wide variety of materials including exotic nickel alloys and plastics, and in the assembly of precision equipment.

Our services include:

CNC Wire Erosion
SODICK AQ750LH EDMElectrical Discharge Machining (EDM) uses an electrical discharge between the wire and the workpiece to remove material without the need for conventional cutting tools, leaving a burr-free surface finish. This enables the manufacture of complex geometries comprised of any continuous 2D cross-section (either parallel or tapered), with independent control over the top/bottom wire tool-head axes, allowing for different 2D profiles to be cut on both top and bottom faces simultaneously, to create unique 3D shapes. Only a handful of these specialised machines are available in the UK.
CNC Milling
Hurco VMX42SRThe VMX425R was designed with a swivel head and horizontal rotary table to meet the demands of 5-axis machining without taking up the floor space typically required. The VMX includes a special version of WINMAX® that was specifically designed to simplify programming, to enable the machining of complex parts.
CNC Turning
Harrison Alpha 1460xCNC turning involves spinning the workpiece around a single axis, whilst using its tool to either 'turn' the outside face of the piece or 'bore' on the inside. As with all of Brite's manufacturing processes, the CNC lathes are capable of manufacturing high precision parts, with tolerances on the micron level.
Conventional Machining
As well as the manufacturing processes mentioned above, Brite have many conventional tools for less demanding applications, enabling savings in both time and cost where it is deemed appropriate by the customer.

Brite are experienced in the assembly of scientific equipment and work with a number of science research centres including Harwell, Culham and the Rutherton Appleton Laboratory. This includes assembly of gas panels, cryostats, goniometers, mirror mounts and remote handling equipment as well as other bespoke and challenging equipment.